Blaine Lucas, president of Foothill Locksmiths, lists several attributes to look for when purchasing a safe.

Blaine Lucas is president of Foothill Locksmiths, Inc.. To reach Blaine Lucas call (510) 621-7956.
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HAYWARD − Host, Sarah Rutan: When purchasing a safe in which to store your valuables, there are a few important attributes you should look for. Today we’re in Hayward with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Blaine Lucas to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Blaine Lucas: Today, we’re going to talk about what to look for when purchasing a safe. There’s no such thing as a fire proof safe. Safes are fire resistant. Look for the certified fire label on the inside of the door. Check the details. See what temperature the safe was tested on and for what length of time. Not all safes are rated. Yours should be. Check to see if the safe can be bolted down. Whether purchasing a small or large safe, it’s important to bolt the safe down. In the case of a burglary, you don’t want someone to be able to haul away your safe. Some of the larger safes, this can be a safety issue as they can be top heavy. Make sure you bolt it down securely.

What burglary protection is offered? Does your safe have a re-locker that double locks the safe in case of attack physically? Does it have drill protection and hinge protection on your safe? Get to know the brand of the safe. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the warranty and service options, should you need any further down the road. Always buy a safe that is a little larger than you need today. The purchase can be a lifetime investment, as quality safes can be passed down to others. Most people purchase a safe for a specific need, and once they have the safe at home, they realize they have other valuables they want to store in their safe. Think back five or ten years ago what valuables you had and try to think ahead ten years from now what valuables will you have in the future.

Get a safe that is easy to use. A safe that is easy to use is more likely to be used. Most safes can be ordered with a digital push button lock. A UL listed digital lock gives you a million possible combinations using six digits. A lot of safes only use four digits which gives you only ten thousand possible different codes. Ask about delivery and installation. Most big box and internet providers only provide curb side delivery. Always inquire about delivery, installation, and any possible future service needs. By selecting an informed and quality provider within the specialized field, you will have a better experience owning the safe. Following these guidelines will help lead you to purchasing a quality safe.

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Blaine Lucas is a 40-year veteran of the locksmith industry and owner of Foothill Locksmiths, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2004. He can be reached at (510) 621-7956 or by email.

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