Brett Pentecost discusses how to maximize car's fuel economy.

Wayne Pentecost is Owner of Wayne & Son's Automotive Repair, LLC. To reach Wayne Pentecost call (707) 276-6975.
Video: Ways to Maximize Fuel Economy
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SANTA ROSA − Host, Sarah Rutan: An important part of owning your vehicle is learning how to maximize your gas mileage. Today, we’re in Santa Rosa with Brett Pentecost of Wayne & Son’s Automotive Repair, to learn more.

Brett Pentecost: As a consumer, there’s several good ways that you can both maintain and improve your fuel economy.

The first tip on improving your fuel economy is making sure your tires are set to the proper manufacturer’s specification. If they’re underinflated, it causes an added rolling resistance to the car which can cause your fuel economy to suffer. A common place to find the specification on how much to fill your tires would either be on the filler itself, or on the outside edge of the door.

The second tip I have for increasing your fuel economy is maintaining a clean air filter in your vehicle. When the air filter starts to get clogged you can see it clearly starts to restrict the flow through it, which causes the engine to work harder, as well as causing you have a rich air/fuel mixture and hindering your fuel economy.

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Wayne Pentecost is a veteran of the automotive industry and owner of Wayne & Son’s Automotive Repair, LLC, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 276-6975 or by email.

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