Cody Pentecost of Wayne & Son's Automotive Repair explains why it's important to maintain your vehicle's timing belt.

Wayne Pentecost is Owner of Wayne & Son's Automotive Repair, LLC. To reach Wayne Pentecost call (707) 276-6975.
Video: Understanding Your Timing Belt
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SANTA ROSA − Host, Sarah Rutan: Due to the critical role a timing belt plays in vehicle operation, it’s worthwhile to gain a better understanding of what it does and how to maintain it. To learn more, we’re in Santa Rosa with Cody Pentecost of Wayne & Son’s Automotive Repair, speaking on behalf of Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Wayne Pentecost.

Cody Pentecost: Today I want to talk to you about timing belts. That’s kind of what I do most around here. And so, what a timing belt is, is it keeps the top end and the bottom end of your engine in time and running smoothly, so, everything just keeps on running. And it’s very important to maintain the service of your timing belt. The service range is usually anywhere from 60 to 120,000 miles, depending on your vehicle. Because there’s two different types of engines. There’s non-interference and an interference engine.

If the timing belt breaks on an interference engine, that can cause piston to valve interference, which could ruin your engine. So, that’s why it’s really important to maintain the service of your timing belt. If the timing belt has been done, people will put a sticker on it that says the mileage has been done. Every time we do a timing belt, we always put a sticker on it. If you take it to a different place or move, so that the next tech that works on your car will, like, say, “Oh, okay. The timing belt’s been done.” You should really keep on top of your timing belt to make sure, regardless if it is an interference or non-interference engine, it can’t break, and nothing bad can happen.

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Wayne Pentecost is a veteran of the automotive industry and owner of Wayne & Son’s Automotive Repair, LLC, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 276-6975 or by email.

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