Greg Meier, owner of Diablo Motors, explains why you should think twice about adhering to manufacturer-recommended oil change intervals.

Greg Meier is Owner of Diablo Motors. To reach Greg Meier call (925) 526-5985.
Video: The Truth About Oil Change Intervals
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SAN RAMON − Host, Sarah Rutan: While many car manufacturers are recommending longer oil change intervals, this may not be such a good idea in practice. Today we’re in San Ramon with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Greg Meier of Diablo Motors to learn why.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Greg Meier: Many of today’s highline car manufacturers recommend a longer oil change interval, from twelve to fifteen thousand miles between oil changes. And, as a shop owner, we recommend a much shorter oil change interval because of the wear and tear that longer intervals cause on the engine, on the metal parts.

When you have a hundred percent synthetic oil, which we have here brand new, and here is dirty oil – it’s still synthetic, but it’s dirty – this oil will hold the dirt in it. And, if you keep your oil in the car for twelve to fifteen thousand miles, you’re leaving that same dirt to cause wear and tear inside the engine. We recommend that shorter term interval because then we get the dirt out. Yes, true, the oil is equipped to last longer, but the dirt is still in there.

So, at Diablo Motors, we recommend a five thousand mile oil change interval.

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Greg Meier is a 20-year veteran of the auto sales industry and owner of Diablo Motors Auto Sales, Brokerage, Consignment, Service, a Diamond Certified company since 2005. He can be reached at (925) 526-5985 or by email.

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