Soumil Amin, owner of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley, explains the process of painting over an oil-based paint surface.

Soumil Amin is owner of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley. To reach Soumil Amin call (510) 761-6903.
Video: How to Repaint an Oil-Based Surface
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OAKLAND − Host, Sarah Rutan: When painting over an oil-based paint surface in your home, it’s crucial to employ the right techniques. Today we’re in Oakland with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Soumil Amin of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Soumil Amin: So, I wanted to talk today about painting over an oil-based paint. A lot of older homes have oil-based paint painted on the trim currently; special technique to be able to paint over it. We usually recommend scuff sanding it – 220-grid sandpaper. Basically cuts up the surface; gets that top layer of gloss off the surface; allows the new paint to stick on there really well. If it’s an older home with lead-based paint, just be a little careful. We use a Festool sander. It’s EPA-certified. 99.9% of the dust particulates get sucked into a HEPA vacuum. So, just be aware of that.

After the scuff sanding – nothing too harsh – we like to use an oil hybrid or an oil-based primer; really sticks onto that hard surface; allows the new paint to stick. Benjamin Moore has a great product; it’s called Advanced. It’s an oil/latex hybrid product. It goes on really nicely and provides a really durable finished product.

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Soumil Amin is a 14-year veteran of the painting industry and owner of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley, a Diamond Certified company since 2010. He can be reached at (510) 761-6903 or by email.

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