Mike Saulk of Reed Brothers Security talks about the newest remote applications for home security.

Randy Reed is Owner of Reed Brothers Security. To reach Randy Reed call (510) 456-0989.
Video: Remote Security Applications
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OAKLAND − Host, Sarah Rutan: Thanks to innovations in security technology, it’s now possible for home and business owners to control their security systems via their mobile phones. To learn more, we’re in Oakland with Mike Saulk of Reed Brothers Security, speaking on behalf of Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Randy Reed.

Mike Saulk: I think we can all agree that the pace of life has increased significantly lately. I found an application here that adds to the quality of life and peace of mind. It’s a remote application to control your home or business alarm system from your phone.

So, you leave the house in the morning busy, and your mind is occupied with other things. You can’t remember whether you armed the system or not . You don’t have to turn around and go back home. You simply pick up your device, log in, and find that it was disarmed, and you arm it remotely. The system can be armed and disarmed remotely from the device simply with the push of a button.

So, if you have a contractor coming to do work, instead of giving him the key, have him call when he gets to you home, and you push the disarm button. Have him do his work, when he calls you and says he’s finished, you go ahead and arm the system for him. No keys, no alarm codes.

It can also control things like your front door lock. If you need to lock the door because you may have forgot to lock it, or the kids left for school and forgot to lock it, you simply push the lock button. It sends a signal to the lock, and the lock is now locked. You can control your thermostat – turning the temperature up or down – and you can control lighting simply with the push of a button from anywhere in the world.

In addition to controlling your devices, you can also check your event history in your alarm system. This will tell you who locked and unlocked the door, who turned the alarm on and off, and what caused the alarm. It will be particularly useful if you get a call from the central station telling you had an alarm condition at your home or your business. You simply log on to your app, and then you can make the decision as to whether you want the police dispatched or not. I think you’ll agree that this will add peace of mind and a quality of life.

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Randy Reed is a lifetime veteran of the locksmith trade and owner of Reed Brothers Security, a Diamond Certified company since 2013. He can be reached at (510) 456-0989 or by email.

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