Steve Ramirez expresses the importance of release of liability forms.

Steve Ramirez is Owner of Ramirez Tow. To reach Steve Ramirez call (707) 277-1913.
Video: Release of Liability Forms
Complete Video Transcription:

SUISUN CITY − Host, Sarah Rutan: Following the sale of your used vehicle, the last thing you’ll want to receive is a bill for a parking ticket or a towing fee. Today, we’re in Suisun City with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Steve Ramirez to learn about the release of liability forms and why they matter to you.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Steve Ramirez: I wanted to let the viewers know how important it is to properly fill out a DMV release of liability when you sell your automobile. We have people come here all the time that have sold vehicles, they have been towed in, impounded, and they have no proof that they sold the vehicle. Therefore, the government, the state, is still after them for any tickets and we would be after them for the tow bill.

So, it’s very important to get that release of liability into DMV the minute you sell a car.

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Steve Ramirez is a 40-year veteran of the towing industry and owner of Ramirez Tow, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 277-1913 or by email.

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