Chris Chapman, owner of Horticultural Services, LTD, gives some important tips for watering trees.

Chris Chapman is Owner of Horticultural Services, LTD. To reach Chris Chapman call (925) 388-6963, (510) 747-8940.
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ORINDA – Host, Sarah Rutan: While it’s important to regularly water the trees on your property, it’s equally crucial to use the proper techniques. Today we’re in Orinda with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Chris Chapman of Horticultural Services, LTD to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Chris Chapman: Irrigation of trees is the most important thing you can do for established tress this time of year. The best place to water is at the outside edge of the drip line. That’s where the canopy — the shadow of the canopy — comes on to the ground — the drip line, outside edge of the drip line. You have to make sure that the water soaks down about a foot, so you’re going to want to soak the — turn the hose on, so it soaks in real deep. You want to get about a foot of water penetration all the way underneath the drip line of the canopy. If you water real close to the trunk, that won’t do any good.

You want to get a, like I said, about a foot of penetration all the way around the drip line of the tree. After that has been accomplished, another thing that you could do that would be really helpful — also really cheap — would be to put a layer of mulch, about four to six inches of mulch, underneath the drip line of the tree. Getting chips from a chipper is probably the best stuff that you can get, and usually you can get it for free. That should be good for about a year. The reason why you put the chips down is it keeps the water from evaporating with the sun and the wind. Also, as the chips decompose over time, they add beneficial fungi and bacteria back into the soil.

If you have any concerns about your particular site you might want to contact an arborist, and, if you do, use Diamond Certified. They’re a good bunch.

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Chris Chapman is a 21-year veteran of the tree service industry and owner of Horticultural Services, LTD, a Diamond Certified company since 2005. He can be reached at (925) 388-6963 or by email.

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