Dr. Edward Loui of Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont talks about the latest advancements in lens technology for eyewear.

Nick Saab is owner of Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont. To reach Nick Saab call (510) 397-8975, (510) 394-5929.
Video: Lens Technology for the Digital Age
Complete Video Transcription:

FREMONT – Host, Sarah Rutan: To alleviate eye fatigue caused by increased use of digital devices, eyewear makers have changed the design of modern lenses. To learn more, we’re with Dr. Edward Loui of Site for Sore Eyes – Fremont, speaking on behalf of Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Nick Saab.

Dr. Edward Loui: We’re living in a world where we are increasingly using digital devices and looking at our tablets and phones and computers. And that puts an extra strain on our vision and our visual system, which causes eye strain and eye fatigue. And the old conventional lenses that we’ve had, the manufacturing of these lenses inherently causes what are called aberration or higher-order aberration in the lenses, which creates some distortion, and especially out in the periphery, and some glare, which would actually cause more eye strain.

Now, modern lenses these days, which are mostly called high-definition lenses are made in the lab in more precise form, and they can manufacture these lenses more precisely to eliminate most of these aberrations. And as a result, the vision will be clearer, sharper image, less aberration, less glare, better peripheral vision, better — higher contrast sensitivity, which is important to see things clearly.

So, the other thing that we’re finding out is that there’s a spectrum of light called blue light that we found that causes eye strain and eye fatigue. And blue light is emitted by your digital devices. And there are coatings nowadays that are designed to eliminate the blue light spectrum. And as a result, again, you would have clear vision, less glare and less eye strain when you’re using your digital-computer devices.

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Nick Saab is a 20-year veteran of the optical industry and owner of Site for Sore Eyes – Fremont, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (510) 397-8975.

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