Kevin Garnett of Hearing Services of Antioch offers some tips for troubleshooting a malfunctioning hearing aid.

Kevin Garnett is hearing aid dispenser of Hearing Services of Antioch. To reach Kevin Garnett call (925) 709-4909.
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ANTIOCH – Host, Sarah Rutan: Whether you’re new to hearing aids or have been using them for a while, you’ll be glad to learn some helpful hints for maximizing performance. Today we’re in Antioch with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Kevin Garnett of Hearing Services of Antioch to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Kevin Garnett: A quick tip here that has helped out a lot of my patients, they are people that already have hearing aids, but there’s a few things that people forget that can cause them difficulties later on. First being hearing aid batteries. They come in little packs of eight, and they’re little, you know, pill shapes. With those, they’re different from normal batteries. There’s a little sticker you have to peel off on the back and you want to let it sit for up to five minutes to fully charge up. The average hearing aid battery will last about a week. And if you don’t let it breathe a bit after you peel the sticker off, it’s only going to last four or five days if that. So, it gets you a couple more days of battery life. We’ve had a lot of people complaining about that.

And the other biggest tip I have for cleaning your hearing aids. To avoid, you know, trips here to see if something is wrong with your hearing is if you ever notice they’re not working as well as they used to or you’re not hearing at all through them, there’s always three things you want to check.

First, change the battery. See if it’s just a dead battery and see if that brings the hearing aid back to life. If it’s still not working, second thing you’ll want to do is to take off the little, there’s a little ear bud on the end of the hearing aid if you have the behind the ear type. You have to take that ear bud off. Check to make sure that it’s not blocked with ear wax. If it is, clean it out. Put it back on. Listen to it. See if it’s working.

If the hearing is still not working, the third and last thing to check, the end of the speaker wire on a behind the ear type hearing aid, there’s a little filter on there. There’s a little tool you can use to pop the filter out and put a new filter in. That’ll clear the ear wax and it should bring the hearing aid back to life once you do that. If it’s still not working after that, then you’ll have to come in and see us. But 95% of the time, that should bring the hearing aid back to life and then it’ll save you a trip out here.

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Kevin Garnett is ­­a hearing aid dispenser at Hearing Services of Antioch, a Diamond Certified company since 2007. He can be reached at (925) 709-4909 or by email.

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