Dr. Donna Baird shows how to give medicine to a cat.

Dr. Donna Baird is Associate Veterinarian of Companion Animal Hospital. To reach Dr. Donna Baird call (831) 288-8383.
Video: Giving a Cat Medicine
Complete Video Transcription:

SANTA CRUZ – Host, Sarah Rutan: Giving a cat its medicine can be a tricky task. So, today we’re in Santa Cruz with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Dr. Donna Baird of Companion Animal Hospital to learn how you can give your cat a pill.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Dr. Donna Baird: Hi, I’d like to show you the best way of pilling a cat. Some cats are very uncooperative about being pilled, and so, if he’s giving you a hard time, what the best – thing to do – is to take a big towel like this, and wrap him up completely, so his feet are all inside, he’s like a little burrito and just his head is sticking out. That way his front feed wont scratch you as you’re trying to get to his mouth. Then, you take your fingers and you pull back on the lips, as you’re tilting the head, and that naturally starts to open the mouth already.

You want to get the pill into the “V”, into the back part of the tongue there, so you – at this point, he’s being really good [laughing]. You take the pill and you pop it way back there, give it a little push and rub on his throat. You blow a little bit on his nose because that will help to – that will get him to swallow. Then, you take a little bit of water and you introduce that on the side here, just a few drops and, close his mouth, and this will make him swallow. That will allow the pill to go right into his stomach. Cats have very dry mouths. If you don’t put the water in, a lot of times, they’ll spit it back out. So, this is a very important step, and that’s it.

Host, Sarah Rutan: To learn more about the Diamond Certified Expert Program, visit us at experts.diamondcertified.org.

Dr. Donna Baird is an Associate Veterinarian and Marketing Director at Companion Animal Hospital, a Diamond Certified company since 2011. She can be reached at (831) 288-8383 or by email.

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