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Greg Wolfe is Relocation Specialist of AMS Bekins. To reach Greg Wolfe call (650) 288-6734.
Video: Ensuring Accuracy with Your Moving Estimate
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BURLINGAME − Host, Sarah Rutan: When preparing for a big move, be sure that your moving company provides you with an estimate that is both responsible and accurate.  Today, we’re in Burlingame with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Greg Wolfe of AMS Bekins, to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Greg Wolfe: One of the most common questions of customers in the moving process is once they do have an estimate, how can they trust that it’s a reasonable expectation of what they might pay. A couple of suggestions for you. First and foremost is that you have an estimator come to your home, give you a visual inspection and a written estimate right then.

Second, I have a couple of examples. I’d like to show you the written estimate. Let’s have a look. So, here we have an actual estimate. What you see is a comprehensive list, going room by room, of all the furniture and boxes to be moved. What you also see is you have a specific list of items not to be moved. This is important so that there’s no misunderstanding on move day.

What your estimator will provide you is a detailed description of what you can expect to happen on move day. It will allow him to generate a not to exceed price. This should give you that reasonable expectation of what you should pay. And if you are by chance hit with a change order on move day, at least you’ll understand why.

All the information that I’ve provided you today is in this booklet published by the California Public Utilities Commission and it is required to be given to you by every mover that you see that gives you an estimate. Good luck. Have a great move.

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Greg Wolfe is a relocation specialist with AMS Bekins, a Diamond Certified company since 2011. He can be reached at (650) 288-6734 or by email.

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