Ramona Sarcadi of Smart Energy Solutions lists a few options Bay Area homeowners have to finance home energy upgrades.

Michael Easley is Sales Director of Smart Energy Solutions. To reach Michael Easley call (925) 350-6446.
Video: Energy Upgrade Financing Options
Complete Video Transcription:

WEST SACRAMENTO − Host, Sarah Rutan: Whether you’re upgrading your home’s windows or switching to solar energy, there are many available options for financing energy efficiency upgrades. Today we’re in West Sacramento with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Ramona Sarcadi of Smart Energy Solutions to learn more.

Ramona Sarcadi: I am here to let you know about the different financing options that we have if you are ready to move forward with your project. Interbank. It is a traditional financing. It offers different monthly payment options. Your payments are unsecured, meaning your home is not a collateral. With a quick phone call, you can get approved within ten minutes. It is a fixed APR, meaning it’s fixed interest rate locked for life.

It is FDIC-insured. You deal directly with the bank, not a finance company. There is also a PACE program, meaning PACE stands for Property Assessment Cleaning Energy. A hundred percent financing. There’s no credit check, no upfront cost. The cost of the job is spread out over the term of 20 years. It is paid with your property taxes. It is tax-deductible. If you sell your property, the payments transfer to the new homeowner.

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Michael Easley is sales director at Smart Energy Solutions, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (925) 350-6446 or by email.

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