Ron Reed of Reed Brothers Security explains why not every safe is as secure as it appears.

Randy Reed is Owner of Reed Brothers Security. To reach Randy Reed call (510) 456-0989.
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OAKLAND − Host, Sarah Rutan: You might assume that one safe is as secure as the next, but to ensure the safety of your valuables, it’s important to choose one that provides maximum protection. To learn more, we’re in Oakland with Ron Reed of Reed Brothers Security, speaking on behalf of Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Randy Reed.

Ron Reed: What a typical consumer needs to know about a safe that they might find, say, at a big-box store, is that most of those will be very lightweight units that are made out of a special kind of a insulation, and it’s covered with sheet metal. The special insulation gives off steam if you heat it up, and that steam keeps everything cool inside the safe.

However, it’s totally inappropriate to put anything of real value in there because it can easily be pried open with a small screwdriver or a crowbar. The safe is usually covered in very thin sheet metal or plastic that will give way and tear or break if someone tries to pry it open.

Another thing you need to know about any safe that you’d like to be there when you get home is that it needs to be bolted down. A insurance industry feels a safe is totally portable if it doesn’t way at least seven hundred and fifty pounds, or it’s bolted down. Most safes come with a hole in it to – that’s already there – to bolt it down. If it doesn’t, you need to drill your own holes because it’s absolutely essential.

Another thing you might want to consider is buying a safe with an electronic lock on it. Electronic locks are quite secure. They’re just as secure as mechanical ones, but they’re much easier to use. And because they’re much easier to use, people are more likely to use them.

People tend to have a mental block against dialing it four times to the left, and three times to the right, two times to the left, and like that, to get a mechanical safe open. Whereas, they feel more comfortable punching in a really brief number to open a safe. And, if you’ve got something that’s easy to use, turns out you’re much more likely to use it, and why would you have it if you weren’t going to plan to use it all the time.

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Randy Reed is a lifetime veteran of the locksmith trade and owner of Reed Brothers Security, a Diamond Certified company since 2013. He can be reached at (510) 456-0989 or by email.

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