Michael Easley, Sales Director at Smart Energy Solutions, talks about a cutting-edge exterior product called COOLWALL.

Michael Easley is Sales Director of Smart Energy Solutions. To reach Michael Easley call (925) 350-6446.
Video: Cool Wall Technology
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WEST SACRAMENTO – Host, Sarah Rutan: The next time your house needs to be painted, consider maximizing weather-ability with a cutting-edge product known as “COOLWALL.” Today we’re in West Sacramento with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Michael Easley of Smart Energy Solutions to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Michael Easley: Hi. I’m Michael. I’m here to talk to you about a product called COOLWALL. It’s an alternative to painting. The product has two parts. It has a coating process, and it has the actual paint that goes over the coating. What this product does is it eliminates two things. It eliminates the moisture buildup from behind the product to allowing it to escape. And it’s protecting your home for the lifetime of the product. Let me show you.

The product is completely waterproof. So, as the water sits on top of it, the water cannot penetrate it. But as the vapors build up behind it as you take showers and do things within the home – as vapors try to escape, they can escape through the product. So, it’s a very unique product in that sense. The other unique thing about the product is the temperatures. The temperature swings can happen between up to 40 degrees on the side of your home. Let me show you.

I so happen to have a demonstration of a product here that’s been under a heat lamp. We’re seeing the non-COOLWALL side at close to 159 degrees. As we swing it over to the COOLWALL side, it made quite a bit of a temperature swing. The product comes in different textures. You have a smooth texture, and you have somewhat of a stucco texture that you could put on. The product can go over multiple different things, like your tiles. It can go over different parts of siding. And it comes in a variety of colors.

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Michael Easley is sales director at Smart Energy Solutions, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (925) 350-6446 or by email.

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