Jason Clark of Toyota Marin discusses basic car maintenance.

Jason Clark is Assistant Service Manager of Toyota Marin. To reach Jason Clark call (888) 544-3118 .
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SAN RAFAEL – Host, Sarah Rutan: In order to get the most out of your vehicle, you’ll need to know some car maintenance tips. Today, we’re in San Rafael with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Jason Clark of Toyota Marin to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Jason Clark: These are some common maintenance items that are checked on the vehicle, either when in for service or in between services. Some of those are the cooling system, the washer fluid, the engine oil check fill point, and also the brake fluid.

This is the coolant reservoir; the fill point is this cap right here. This is the radiator cap, which is under pressure, and it’s also marked when the vehicle is warm not to open from here. It is under extreme pressure and is very hot. The marker on the side will identify the fill point and also low level. It is pink fluid and can be easily identified full and low.

For the washer fluid, it has a fill cap here and can be filled directly with either water or washer solvent. The level can be identified because it is clear, and you can look pure straight down and see it’s – how full it is.

This is the brake fluid reservoir. It also needs to be checked every time you come in for service and in between. This is the fill cap for adding brake fluid as needed. And on this clear reservoir, you can also see a fill marker for completely full, and at the very bottom for needing to be added fluid. And this should be at the top fill point at all times.

When checking the engine oil, you pull the dipstick. And only checking when the engine is off. Pull the dipstick, and you’ll be able to check on two notches where the oil level is. You’re looking for it to be in between or at the top of the upper marker. And then you know your oil is full.

Tire inflation is incredibly important to overall gas mileage and tire wear. So, tire pressure should be checked monthly and in between on services. Tire pressure is checked at this fill point here, which is your inflation nozzle. Inflation pressure is indicated on the door sticker right here, front and rear tire pressure, including spare, and also your tire size.

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Jason Clark is assistant service manager at Toyota Marin, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (888) 544-3118 or by email.

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