Hans Art, owner of Hans Art Automotive, explains why maintaining your vehicle may not actually be as expensive as it seems.

Hans Art is owner of Hans Art Automotive. To reach Hans Art call (415) 938-6943.
Video: Calculating Auto Maintenance Cost
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SAN FRANCISCO – Host, Sarah Rutan: If it seems like you’re paying too much to maintain your car, do some calculations—you might be surprised by what you find. Today we’re in San Francisco with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Hans Art of Hans Art Automotive to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Hans Art: The best tip that I can give drivers is to take the emotionality out of dealing with repairs – and it’s very understandably emotional because you get an unexpected $800 repair that’s required. Have your mechanic figure out how much you spend, on average, every month over, say, a five-year period because the money you spend is so irregular that if you don’t look at it over a long period of time, it’s hard to figure out what you are doing. And, usually when the calculation is done, people are surprised with the fact that their monthly expense isn’t as big as they think. And it makes it much more rational.

Generally, you’re better off, the longer you can keep a car running, the less money you spend all together. And, most of the Japanese cars with minimum maintenance will run 20 years, or more, and you’re way ahead of the game if you can do that. And, your mechanic is there to help you do it.

Host, Sarah Rutan: To learn more from local, top rated companies, visit our Diamond Certified Expert Reports at experts.diamondcertified.org.

Hans Art is a veteran of the auto repair industry and owner of Hans Art Automotive, a Diamond Certified company since 2002. He can be reached at (415) 938-6943 or by email.

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