Anamaria Deac of Best Construction explains why code compliance is critical for any building or remodeling project.

Sergiu Deac is president of Best Construction. To reach Sergiu Deac call (408) 622-0588.
Video: Building Code Compliance in Remodeling
Complete Video Transcription:

SAN JOSE – Host, Sarah Rutan: When it comes to a home remodeling project, one critical aspect is staying compliant with building code standards. To learn more, we’re in San Jose with Anamaria Deac of Best Construction, speaking on behalf of Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Sergiu Deac.

Anamaria Deac: When looking to build or remodel your home, make sure to stay up to code. Oftentimes, clients make their finish material shopping online. A few examples: faucets, light fixtures. But they don’t always meet industry code – more specifically, the California Green Building Standard code. Please partner with your contractor or designer to ensure compliance – and so, an overall smooth remodeling process.

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Sergiu Deac is a 12-year veteran of the construction industry and president of Best Construction, a Diamond Certified company since 2015. He can be reached at (408) 622-0588 or by email.

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