Dr. Peter Panagotacos discusses how to avoid hair loss solution scams.

Dr. Peter Panagotacos is Owner of Peter J. Panagotacos, MD. To reach Dr. Peter Panagotacos call (415) 742-1973 .
Video: Steering Clear of Hair Loss Solution Scams
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SAN FRANCISCO – Host, Sarah Rutan: If you’re experiencing hair loss and are looking for a solution, you’ll first need to do some research. Today, we’re in San Francisco with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Dr. Peter Panagotacos to learn about the history of hair loss and how to avoid hair loss solution scams.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Dr. Peter Panagotacos: Well, hair loss has been a problem that’s bothered man for over 5,000 years. It probably bothered him long before 5,000 years, but the very first written document we have for a hair treatment was the very first prescription ever known to man, and it was for Queen Sette found in a hieroglyphic 5,000 years ago. You simply rub a little bit of alabaster dust, iron oxide and honey onto your scalp and pray to the Sun God.

Well, today you hear radio ads all the time: If you want thicker hair, longer more beautiful hair, try whatever. Well, 30 years ago, it was Helsinki Formula. And repeatedly, they were asked, you know, don’t claim it grows hair because it doesn’t really do that. And, so, they were reprimanded and reprimanded. And finally, they were fined $3 million and asked to leave the country. But they left – they paid the $3 million happily, but they left $36 million in profit. Well, this happens repeatedly.

And doctors, dermatologists in particular, specialize in hair loss. We specialize in skin, hair and nails. So, if you’re having a hair loss problem, see your dermatologist.

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Dr. Peter Panagotacos is a 42-year veteran of the dermatology field and owner of Peter J. Panagotacos, MD, a Diamond Certified practice since 2003. He can be reached at (415) 742-1973 or by email.

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