Bill Faulconer discusses how to check your tire pressure and change your air filter on your vehicle.

Bill Faulconer is President of Renson Automotive, Inc.. To reach Bill Faulconer call (408) 840-3977 .
Video: At-Home Auto Care
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CAMPBELL – Host, Sarah Rutan: Two important parts of caring for your vehicle include tire pressure and air filters. Today, we’re in Campbell with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Bill Faulconer of Renson Automotive to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Bill Faulconer: Here’s a couple simple tips you can do at home very easily. First of all is tire pressure. Tire pressure is set by the manufacturer, a lot of them right around 32 psi, and that is the minimum strictly for comfort and what they feel is for safety. But by raising that pressure just slightly, you can get better fuel economy. And a simple way to do that is with a tire pressure gauge.

Now, they make some pocket ones, they make some simple ones at home. We use a digital one. And just remove the cap, check the air pressure, and set it to at least minimum specifications, but your tire will give you a maximum pressure specification. If you run it closer to the maximum, you will get better fuel economy.

The other simple thing is an air filter. Most air filters are very simple to replace. Pop a couple clips, lift it off. Now, this one is not extremely dirty, but you can see the dirt in there compared to the clean one. This is very minor. This is probably not quite ready for replacement, but every bit makes a difference. 

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Bill Faulconer is a 35-year veteran of the automotive industry and president of Renson Automotive, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2002. He can be reached at (408) 840-3977 or by email.

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