Ricardo Valderrama, owner of Bayhill Heat & Air, gives some tips on getting your air conditioner primed for summer.

Ricardo Valderrama is Owner of Bayhill Heat & Air. To reach Ricardo Valderrama call (650) 469-3972.
Video: Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance
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SAN MATEO − Host, Sarah Rutan: As the warm summer weather sets in, it’s time to get your air conditioner primed for optimum performance. Today we’re in San Mateo with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Ricardo Valderrama of Bayhill Heat & Air to learn how.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Ricardo Valderrama: Today’s tip is about air conditioning. We’re coming on the summer season, and we want to make sure that all our equipment is free and optimized to yield less energy. One of the things that you could do is you could check, yourself, for the air filter or you could call a company to actually do some cleaning of the condensing unit outside in the yard and check the blower motor. By checking the blower motor, you want to make sure that it’s going fast enough to get the maximum out of your air conditioning because a lot of times, if the blower motor is not working at full speed, then efficiency of the air conditioner will be less. It will cost you more to run it and your comfort level will be less. Check the electrical current and make sure the system is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Host, Sarah Rutan: To learn more from local, top rated companies, visit our Diamond Certified Expert Reports at experts.diamondcertified.org.

Ricardo Valderrama is a veteran of the HVAC industry and owner of Bayhill Heat & Air, a Diamond Certified company since 2010. He can be reached at (650) 469-3972 or by email.

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