Sergey Stotskiy, owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors, talks about an important aesthetic consideration when choosing hardwood flooring.

Sergey Stotskiy is owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors. To reach Sergey Stotskiy call (408) 622-0537.
Video: Aesthetic Consideration for Hardwood Flooring
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SANTA CLARA – Host, Sarah Rutan: When selecting new hardwood flooring for your home, there’s one important aesthetic consideration you should keep in mind. Today we’re in Santa Clara with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Sergey Stotskiy of Kapriz Hardwood Floors to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Sergey Stotskiy: If you are looking for new hardwood floor, keep in mind distressed, hand-scraped is going to perform and last longer than smooth flooring. Since it’s distressed, hand-scraped, chisel marks is going to hide scratches better than smooth flooring.

Here is a good example of smooth engineering flooring: no bevel edges, no distress, no chisel marks – nothing but hand-scraped. This type of flooring is a smooth engineering flooring. The difference is if you scratch this smooth engineering flooring your scratch is going to be obvious and visible from any position.

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Sergey Stotskiy is a 15-year veteran of the flooring industry and owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (408) 622-0537 or by email.

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