Bill Van Mastrigt, owner of Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service, talks about the benefits of installing a hot water recirculator.

Bill Van Mastrigt is owner of Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service. To reach Bill Van Mastrigt call (925) 276-5616.
Video: Advantages of a Hot Water Recirculator
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SAN RAMON – Host, Sarah Rutan: If you’re tired of wasting time, water and money on waiting for hot water, consider installing a hot water recirculator. Today we’re in San Ramon with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Bill Van Mastrigt of Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Bill Van Mastrigt: Like most people, you probably had the experience of turning on the shower and waiting for hot water. What’s the problem with that? Number 1, you’re wasting water. Number 2, you’re wasting money. And number 3, you’re wasting time.

There’s a solution to that problem, and it’s called “hot water recirculation.” It’s a very simple concept, and it’s an easy-to-install system that can save you time, money, and water, just by recirculating from the water heater closer to your fixtures. This can cut your wait time from 2 ½ minutes down to about 5 seconds. Imagine the advantage of not having to wait for hot water.

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Bill Van Mastrigt is a 20-year veteran of the plumbing industry and owner of Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (925) 276-5616 or by email.

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