Laural Roaldson, owner of Laural Landscapes, Inc., offers five criteria on which to base your selection of plants for your garden.

Laural Roaldson is owner of Laural Landscapes, Inc.. To reach Laural Roaldson call (925) 350-6444.
Video: 5 Considerations for Plant Selection
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WALNUT CREEK − Host, Sarah Rutan: When choosing plants to put in your garden, it’s helpful to have criteria on which to base your selection. Today we’re in Walnut Creek with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Laural Roaldson of Laural Landscapes to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Laural Roaldson: How do you decide what to plant? There are 5 things. The first thing is: What’s your end goal? Do you want this to be a barrier? Do you want it to be a screen? Do you want food? Do you want to attract animals? Do you want to repel them? Do you want it to be a sound barrier?

The second thing is: What is the mature size of the plant? This darling coleonema is going to be 3 feet tall and 6 feet wide. So, where you plant it now might look cute, but then 2 years from now, nah, maybe not.

The other thing is: Is this plant going to be evergreen or deciduous? What do you mean? “Evergreen” means it’s going to stay green. All year long you’ve got something to look at. Deciduous plants, these other ones, go away, or partially go away. They have a dormant period. So, you’re not going to see much.

The fourth thing is: How are you going to irrigate these plants? Can you irrigate them? If you can’t, you need drought-tolerant succulents. If you can irrigate them, is it going to be Netafim? Is it going to be drip? Is it going to be spray? And how much water is that going to take? You’ve got to think about that.

The fifth thing is maintenance. Who’s going to maintain it? Do you have time to maintain it? Are you going to get somebody else to maintain it? Is it a picky plant that they’ve got to know what they’re doing? Or is it a low-maintenance, easygoing plant? So, think about that, too.

Those are the 5 things you want to think about when you’re deciding how to choose a plant.

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Laural Roaldson is a 21-year veteran of the landscaping industry and owner of Laural Landscapes, Inc., a Diamond Certified company. She can be reached at (925) 350-6444 or by email.

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