• One of the keys to a successful move is getting an accurate estimate from your moving company. Photo: AMS Bekins (2015)

  • In addition to the expected cost of the move, your moving estimator should provide you with a Not-To-Exceed price. Photo: AMS Bekins (2015)

  • Your mover should also provide you with this informative pamphlet from the California Public Utilities Commission. Photo: AMS Bekins (2015)

Greg Wolfe is Relocation Specialist of AMS Bekins. To reach Greg Wolfe call (650) 288-6734.
The Importance of an Accurate Moving Estimate

BURLINGAME − When preparing for a big move, in addition to choosing a reputable moving company, you’ll want to make sure the company provides you with a thorough, accurate estimate. To do this, an estimator will need to come to your home and conduct a visual inspection. A moving estimate should consist of a detailed, room-by-room list of all the furniture, boxes and other items to be moved. Additionally, your estimator should take note of any items not to be moved, which will help you avoid any misunderstandings on moving day.

Using this comprehensive list, your estimator will determine and present you with a price that reflects the expected cost of the move. He should also provide you with a Not-To-Exceed price, which puts a cap on the final price in case it ends up being higher than the original estimate. By hiring a moving company that takes the time to ensure accuracy when estimating the job, you’ll have greater assurance of receiving a fair and honest price.

Greg Wolfe is a relocation specialist with AMS Bekins, a Diamond Certified company since 2011. He can be reached at (650) 288-6734 or by email.

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