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The Dangers of Letting an Unlicensed Contractor Work on Your Pool

EL SOBRANTE – I strongly urge homeowners to hire licensed companies to work on their pools or hot tubs—the safety of your family is at stake. Modern pools incorporate a variety of heating and lighting systems for our enjoyment and comfort. When these systems are installed or repaired, the work must adhere to the specific codes of the pool and spa industry to ensure swimmers’ safety. The individual working on your pool should have a license attesting to their ability to understand and meet these unique regulations.

California doesn’t require a license to maintain or repair pools, despite the depth of knowledge required to safely work on electrical systems that are in such close proximity to water. This lack of regulation is unfortunately not uncommon in the United States. Every year there are reports of individuals who are electrocuted by a pool’s faulty wiring or who suffer carbon monoxide poisoning from the improper ventilation of indoor pools. Don’t risk your family’s safety—choose a licensed pool and spa professional.

Gary Heath is a veteran of the swimming pool and spa industry and owner of The Pool Doctor, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (510) 223-7537 or by email.

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