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Video: Donating Your Unwanted Items

SAN CARLOS − Host, Sarah Rutan:  When preparing for a move, you’ll need to priorities which items you’ll take with you, and which items you’ll leave behind. Today we’re in San Carlos with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Sandy Rostad of The Rostad…Read More

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The Benefits of Donating Your Unwanted Items

SAN CARLOS − Whether moving out of the area or simply downsizing, a common dilemma home sellers face is what to do with their unwanted possessions. While selling items online can be financially lucrative, it can also be time-consuming and…Read More

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Sandy Rostad: A Prosperous Partnership

SAN CARLOS − After working in the insurance industry for two decades, Sandy Rostad was primed for a major transition after she decided to partner with her husband in the real estate field. “My husband, Mike, was working full-time as…Read More

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