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Video: Innovations in Awning Technology

SAN LEANDRO − Host, Sarah Rutan: While retractible awnings have been around for a long time, the application of technology has resulted in improved performance and greater convenience. Today, we’re in San Leandro with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor David Caswell of Acme Sunshade Enterprise, to…Read More

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Recent Developments in Awning Technology

SAN LEANDRO − Retractable awnings are a popular shade option because they give homeowners the convenience of extending or retracting them as desired. While they’ve been around for a long time, retractable awnings have developed significantly in recent years, resulting…Read More

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David Caswell: Made in the Shade

SAN LEANDRO − After leaving the medical field for a career as a construction installation specialist, the last thing David Caswell expected was to end up in sales. “I was a respiratory therapist for several years before changing careers and…Read More

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