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Basic Septic System Maintenance

Due to a case of “out of sight, out of mind,” residential septic systems are often neglected. In some cases, homeowners will go for two or three decades without having their systems serviced, which is comparable to driving a car…Read More

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Video: Maintaining Your Septic System

HEALDSBURG − Host, Sarah Rutan: A septic system may be easy to ignore, but neglecting maintenance can result in adverse and expensive consequences. To learn more, we’re here in Healdsburg with Eric Hawley, vice president of Environmental Pump Services, speaking on…Read More

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Blaine Cristando: Pumped

HEALDSBURG − After a decade in the waste removal business, Blaine Cristando had grown tired of working for big companies that didn’t care about customer service. So, when a friend suggested they go into business together, he was pumped about…Read More

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