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Video: Exercise to Improve Posture

With Carie Matthias of Simply Balanced, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

Host, Sarah Rutan: For those who spend their workdays sitting at a desk, a simple exercise can help counter the effects of a sedentary livelihood. To learn more, we’re in San Francisco with Susan Himes-Powers of Simply Balanced, speaking on behalf of our Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Carie Matthias.

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Simply Balanced

SAN FRANCISCO − Simply Balanced provides individual, duet and group Pilates sessions to help clients develop strength, balance and ease in daily movement, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The team of instructors design sessions for clients of all fitness levels at the San Francisco-based studio. They’re responsive to requests for enhanced flexibility and core strength, as well as those who need physical rehabilitation for lower back, shoulders, hips, knees and even latter phases of post-breast cancer treatment. Simply Balanced also utilizes technology to deliver live online video conference classes so clients can keep up with their practice from home, the office or any location while they travel.

Simply Balanced’s managers say the team’s ability to customize Pilates sessions to meet the specific needs of clients is a crucial aspect of the company’s longterm success. “Our dedicated, experienced teachers understand the importance of implementing new, creative ways to directly serve our clients. Everything we provide is geared toward functional results and helping clients achieve their fitness goals.”

Simply Balanced also offers Basic Indian Club Swinging; Gentle Pilates mat classes; and Pilates circuit classes that include the use of Exo chairs, reformers, and trapeze tables. In all of the classes, the instructors provide cues to target, mobilize and enhance balanced conditioning in all muscle groups. The discounted Introductory Series of three individual sessions is recommended for beginners.

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