• To alleviate eye fatigue caused by increased use of digital devices, eyewear makers have changed the design of modern lenses. Photo: Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont (2017)

  • Today’s lenses help to reduce eye strain by eliminating glare and distortion, as well as providing higher contrast sensitivity. Photo: Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont (2017)

  • Modern lenses can also be coated to eliminate blue light, another factor that contributes to eye fatigue. Photo: Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont (2017)

Nick Saab is owner of Site for Sore Eyes - Fremont. To reach Nick Saab call (510) 397-8975, (510) 394-5929.
Reducing Eye Fatigue with Modern Lenses

FREMONT – In this digital age, our increased use of computers, tablets and smartphones puts an extra strain on our vision, resulting in the modern malaise known as eye fatigue. This condition can be even more acute for those who wear glasses, as conventional lenses are prone to distortion and glare from LED screens. Fortunately, lens manufacturers are adapting to the changing needs of wearers by updating the design of modern lenses. Today’s lenses are designed to eliminate glare and distortion, as well as provide higher contrast sensitivity and better peripheral vision, giving wearers clearer, sharper vision and reducing eye fatigue.

Modern lenses also address another symptom of screen time: overexposure to blue light, a spectrum of light emitted by digital devices that further contributes to eye fatigue. Lens manufacturers now offer coatings designed to eliminate this blue light spectrum from the wearer’s vision. So, if an outdated pair of glasses is inhibiting your comfort and productivity, consider upgrading your lenses.

Nick Saab is a 20-year veteran of the optical industry and owner of Site for Sore Eyes – Fremont, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (510) 397-8975.

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