• When it comes to removing a mold infestation, the professionals take a thorough approach. Photo: 911 Remediation LLC (2016)

  • Besides wiping down visible mold, remediation professionals often need to open up walls to get at the mold inside. Photo: 911 Remediation LLC (2016)

Erez Gilad is Owner of 911 Remediation LLC. To reach Erez Gilad call (510) 221-6767.
Professional Mold Remediation

RICHMOND − When it comes to removing an in-home mold infestation, proper procedure is critical, not only to ensure a thorough job but also to avoid further contamination. That’s why, if you have a substantial mold problem in your home, your best bet is to call a remediation professional.

The first thing a mold remediation company will do is contain the affected area by putting up plastic, which will keep mold spores from escaping while the work is taking place. In addition to being sealed, the work area is put under negative pressure to capture any airborne spores or particles that alight during the course of the job. Of course, while it’s important to contain the work space, it’s equally crucial for the workers themselves to be protected against contamination, which is why professionals always wear full protective gear.

In most cases, removing a mold infestation involves a lot more than just wiping down surfaces, especially if the mold is often rooted within drywall and/or structural wood. In this scenario, demolition will be necessary to ensure a thorough removal. After opening up the walls, the remediation team will sand down everything inside and place all affected materials in sealed plastic bags to prevent cross-contamination. Finally, they will use microbial wipes and HEPA vacuums to thoroughly eradicate any trace of the mold.

Erez Gilad is a 10-year veteran of the restoration industry and owner of 911 Remediation LLC, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (510) 221-6767 or by email.

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