• When painting over an oil-based paint surface in your home, it’s crucial to employ the right techniques. Photo: CertaPro Painters of Berkeley (2017)

Soumil Amin is owner of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley. To reach Soumil Amin call (510) 761-6903.
How to Paint Over Oil-Based Paint

OAKLAND − Repainting your home interior may seem like a simple task, but it can get complicated fast if you aren’t careful. For example, since many older homes still have oil-based paint on the walls and trim, attempting to paint over these with newer, water-based paint can result in a literal “oil and water” situation. To avoid this, you’ll need to employ the right techniques.

First, sand the oil-based surface with a 200-grit sandpaper, which will remove the top layer of gloss and provide a better surface for the new paint to adhere to. Keep in mind that in homes built before 1978, lead-based paint may be a concern. To be safe, use an EPA-certified Festool sander, which is equipped with a HEPA vacuum that sucks up 99.9 percent of dislodged dust particles.

After sanding, apply an oil-based or hybrid primer, which will both adhere to the oil-based paint and provide a good surface for the new layer of paint to adhere to. One great product to consider is Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE, which is an oil/latex hybrid that goes on easily and provides a durable final result.

Soumil Amin is a 14-year veteran of the painting industry and owner of CertaPro Painters of Berkeley, a Diamond Certified company since 2010. He can be reached at (510) 761-6903 or by email.

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