Bob Calderara, owner of Shutter City, explains the different options available for shutter materials.

Bob Calderara is owner of Shutter City. To reach Bob Calderara call (925) 268-8317.
Video: Material Options for Window Shutters
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RIPON − Host, Sarah Rutan: When buying window shutters, it’s good to know about the different material options that are available. Today we’re in Ripon with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Bob Calderera of Shutter City to learn more.

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, Bob Calderera: We have 3 major different types of shutters. We have the plastic, which is an excellent option. It gives you the highest in durability, the highest in moisture-resistance. Then you have the composite, which is also an excellent choice for durability, with a lifetime warrantee, with several different choices as far as being used as special shades. And then you have the wood shutter, which has more of a designer effect, which will give you more choices for special shape windows, and give you many more choices for different colors. And also with textures, like a stained finish. So, these are all excellent choices, and depending on your budget and your lifestyle.

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Bob Calderara is a 30-year veteran of the window covering industry and owner of Shutter City, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (925) 268-8317 or by email.

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