• When it comes to fuel economy, tire pressure isn't the only factor that can have a significant impact.

  • While often overlooked, a dirty air filter can diminish fuel economy by restricting engine ventilation.

  • Another influential factor is the regularity with which a vehicle's oil gets changed.

Wayne Pentecost is Owner of Wayne & Son's Automotive Repair, LLC. To reach Wayne Pentecost call (707) 276-6975.
Little-Known Factors that Affect Fuel Economy

SANTA ROSA − Most people know tire pressure can affect fuel economy, but there are several lesser-known factors that can have an equally significant impact. One of these is the condition of your engine air filter. When an air filter isn’t regularly replaced, the excessive dirt buildup can cause it to become clogged, which restricts engine ventilation. When an engine isn’t able to “breathe” properly, it’s more likely to run rich—in other words, to use more gasoline than it’s supposed to.

Another factor that can affect fuel economy is the regularity with which you change your engine oil. As engine oil becomes dirty over time, it can clog up the engine’s rings and get into the cylinders, which can hinder proper combustion.

In addition to routine oil changes and air filter replacement, another way to boost your vehicle’s gas mileage is to keep its engine well-tuned. Having important functional components like the crankcase ventilation system serviced on a regular basis will help the engine perform optimally, which will maximize fuel economy.

Wayne Pentecost is a veteran of the automotive industry and owner of Wayne & Son’s Automotive Repair, LLC, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 276-6975 or by email.

3 Responses to Little-Known Factors that Affect Fuel Economy

  1. Kathleen Murillo says:

    Went to Firestone Tires today for a tire rotation and wheel balance at 33,000 miles on our 2010 Chevrolet truck, they tried to sell us an engine cleaning flush-out for $120.00. Was this really needed? They claimed it would improve gas mileage and save our valves? Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Abel Katia says:

    Bro Wayne, my Nissan XTERRA is long overdue for all those changes to be done…

  3. Deanna R. Jones says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve noticed that my car’s fuel economy isn’t what it used to be. It’s helpful to know ways that I can boost my car’s fuel economy. I know that oil changes can improve the amount of gas that my car uses, but I didn’t know that replacing the air filter can affect my car’s gas mileage. I’ve never replaced the air filter, so it seems like I should get it replaced and see how it affects my car’s gas mileage.

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