• When packing for a big move, don't forget to properly label your boxes. Photo: Pedro's Moving Services, Inc. (2016)

Pedro Hermosillo is Owner of Pedro's Moving Services, Inc.. To reach Pedro Hermosillo call (415) 890-2173.
Labeling Your Moving Boxes

SAN FRANCISCO − Packing for a move may seem like a simple task, but there are some important guidelines you should always follow. In addition to using smart packing procedures (making sure not to overfill large boxes, for example), another crucial aspect of packing is labeling your boxes.

When labeling a moving box, the first thing to consider is its intended destination. The last thing you want after an arduous move is to find out all your cookware ended up in the corner of your garage, so be sure to denote which area of the house each box is to be placed. This will eliminate any guesswork for your movers and enable them to work more accurately and efficiently.

Besides labeling boxes by room, it’s also important to clearly label all boxes that contain fragile or breakable items. Many people simply mark these boxes with a felt-tipped pen, but an even better way to ensure your label gets seen is to use brightly colored stickers. When your movers know there’s something breakable inside the box, they’ll take extra precautions to prevent breakage.

Pedro Hermosillo is owner of Pedro’s Moving Services, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2013. He can be reached at (415) 890-2173 or by email.

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