Jeremy Creager is a 16-year veteran of the tinting industry and owner of Perfect Darkness Tint, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 584-6670 or by email.


Video: Choosing a Quality Tint

With Jeremy Creager of Perfect Darkness Tint, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

Host, Sarah Rutan: When choosing a tint product for your vehicle’s windows, it’s worthwhile to invest in quality. To learn more, we’re with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Jeremy Creager, owner of Perfect Darkness Tint.

3 Aspects of a Quality Tint Job

By Jeremy Creager of Perfect Darkness Tint, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

If you’re thinking about getting your car windows tinted, rather than going the cheapest route, consider investing in quality at the outset. To get the maximum performance and lifespan from your tint job, consider these three aspects: Workmanship Have you…Read More

Video: Car Window Tint Options

With Jeremy Creager of Perfect Darkness Tint, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

COTATI – Host, Sarah Rutan: If you’re thinking about tinting your car’s windows, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the various products and their functions. Today we’re in Burlingame with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Jeremy Creager of Perfect Darkness Tint to learn more.

Window Tint Options for Your Vehicle

By Jeremy Creager of Perfect Darkness Tint, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

COTATI – Many people think all car window tints are the same, but there are actually several different kinds, each with specific attributes and functions. That’s why, when planning to have your vehicle’s windows tinted, it’s a good idea to consider…Read More

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Profile

Jeremy Creager: Tinting Opportunity

  • Jeremy Creager is owner of Perfect Darkness Tint.

Jeremy Creager: Tinting Opportunity
“I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.”

COTATI – Jeremy Creager is a lifelong entrepreneur, so when he was introduced to the burgeoning window tint industry, it didn’t take him long to see the opportunity it represented. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” he says. “I started my own lawn mowing business at age 12, and over the years I’ve done everything from network marketing to setting tile. At one point, one of my mentors suggested I look into the window tinting business. I wasn’t really into the idea at first, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good opportunity. On a whim, I stopped into a local tint shop and asked for a job, offering to work for free for the first two weeks just to show I was serious. I was hired, and that was the beginning.”

After accumulating five years’ worth of industry training and experience, Jeremy struck out on his own and started Perfect Darkness Tint in 2006. Ten years later, he says his favorite part of his job is “wowing” his customers. “I love to see the customer’s reaction when I show them the finished product. It’s really neat when you’re able to do something that, while a seemingly minor touch, can totally transform the look of a vehicle.”

Born in Santa Cruz, Jeremy grew up in Sonoma County and today resides in Santa Rosa. Outside of work, he keeps himself occupied with various entrepreneurial endeavors and a continuous regimen of self-improvement. “I’m always tinkering with entrepreneurial projects, like online networking and marketing,” he affirms. “I’m also a huge personal growth junkie—since age 18, when I was taken to my first Anthony Robbins seminar, I’ve made it a point to attend at least one motivational seminar or workshop every year.”

When asked about a personal philosophy, Jeremy espouses the virtue of loving others. “Love is at the core of everything,” he asserts. “I think most of the issues we have on this planet could be solved naturally if we simply decided to love one another. It could really take things to a new level and elevate the human experience.”

When asked what his life might look like if he were to retire tomorrow, Jeremy says he would devote his energy toward helping others. “I’m an inspired person and always try to do my best to add value to things, so if I were to retire, I’d want to do something that impacted the lives of others. For instance, I would like to help passionate entrepreneurs start up and succeed in their businesses. Maybe I’d even become a motivational speaker!”

Ask me anything!
Q: What’s your favorite type of food?

A: Sushi.

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

A: Love—it’s always the best gift.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

A: Enjoy the rain!

Q: Are there any books you’ve found particularly influential over the years?

A: “Getting in the Gap” by Dr. Wayne Dyer and “Beyond Fear” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: I collect knowledge and information.

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