James Sardinha is a 16-year veteran of the demolition industry and office manager of Silva Contractors Inc., a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (925) 201-6172 or by email.


Video: Avoiding a Demolition Disaster

With James Sardinha of Silva Contractors Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

PINOLE − Host, Sarah Rutan: When having demolition work done, an important preventative step is to get confirmation of proper disposal. Today we’re in Pinole with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor James Sardinha of Silva Contractors to learn more.

An Important Step Following a Demolition Job

By James Sardinha of Silva Contractors Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

PINOLE − If you’re planning a demolition job on your property, it’s important to make sure your contractor will properly dispose of the debris. To avoid a dumping fee, fly-by-night contractors will sometimes neglect to dispose of demolition debris at proper facilities….Read More

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Profile

James Sardinha: Translating Success

  • James Sardinha is office manager at Silva Contractors Inc.

James Sardinha: Translating Success
“I’m a very family-oriented person, and I like to stay surrounded by loved ones."

PINOLE − After immigrating to the United States from Brazil when he was 11 years old, James Sardinha got started down a path that would lead to a succession of professional opportunities. “My dad was a demolition contractor, and after we came to the U.S., I started helping him by translating and assisting with job bids,” he remembers. “Our operation started small, but pretty soon we’d grown to the point where we were doing whole house and pool demolitions.”

A decade later, James was given a chance to take his career to the next level. “Soon after I arrived in the U.S., I was introduced by a couple of friends to the owner of a local contracting company,” he recalls. “About 10 years later, I reconnected with him and he offered me an opportunity to be part of his company. I saw a great future in the business, and sure enough, I’m still here today.”

Today, as office manager of Silva Contractors Inc., James says he derives satisfaction from seeing the long-term results of the company’s work. “After we tear down an old, dilapidated house and I drive by a year or two later and see a new, well-built house in its place, it’s a good feeling to know I was a part of that process.”

A longtime resident of the East Bay, James divides his time outside of work between family, faith and fun. “I’m a very family-oriented person, and I like to stay surrounded by loved ones,” he affirms. “Also, religion is a big part of my life; I go to church at least twice a week.” On weekends, James can typically be found at the movies with his fiancé, Jordana, or exploring an unfamiliar region of the Golden State. “I enjoy going to new places, and there’s a lot to see and discover in California.”

In his life and career, James has learned the value of patient perseverance. “I believe everything has a specific timing, so you just need to wait and be in the right place at the right time when things happen,” he says. “I also believe what goes around comes around, which is why I try to do my best every day in hopes that it will come back to me.”

When asked the first thing he’d do if he could retire tomorrow, James says he’d take his love of travel beyond the West Coast. “I’d like to see more of the U.S. I haven’t been to the East Coast, so it’d be neat to visit places like New York, which I’ve only seen in movies. I’d also like to visit some foreign countries and get to know more of the world and its many cultures.”

Ask me anything!
Q: What’s your favorite movie genre?

A: Probably action, but I also enjoy more realistic movies like dramas and ones based on true events.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: “The Fast and the Furious”—I’ve continued to enjoy the franchise as it’s expanded, and it just gets better with each new installment.

Q: Who makes you laugh?

A: Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle.

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

A: As I get older, I’m becoming more of an early bird.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

A: Hash browns, sausage and eggs over-medium, with some coffee and orange juice.

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