• While sometimes overlooked, a Release of Liability form is a crucial component of any used vehicle sale. Photo: Ramirez Tow (2014)

Steve Ramirez is Owner of Ramirez Tow. To reach Steve Ramirez call (707) 277-1913.
The Importance of Release of Liability Forms

SUISUN CITY − While a bill of sale and transfer of title are both crucial documents for selling a used vehicle, one that sometimes gets overlooked is the Release of Liability form. However, by neglecting to submit this document, you may end up getting an unexpected parking ticket or tow bill in the mail.

A Release of Liability form is exactly what it sounds like: by submitting it when you sell your vehicle, you’re informing the DMV of the sale and formally divesting yourself of any liability. By failing to submit this form, you put yourself at risk—since your name is still attached to the vehicle, if its subsequent owner gets a parking ticket, moving violation or towing fee, a government or tow company representative may contact you to collect payment.

According to California law, Release of Liability forms are to be submitted within five days of the sale date. Forms are available to download online or for in-person pickup at any DMV office. After filling it out, you can submit the form via mail, online or in person.

Steve Ramirez is a 40-year veteran of the towing industry and owner of Ramirez Tow, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 277-1913 or by email.

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