• The first step to repairing drywall is to cut out a square-shaped patch around the damaged area. Photo: Irwin Construction (2016)

  • After installing a plywood backing, patch the wall cavity with a new piece of drywall. Photo: Irwin Construction (2016)

  • With a joint knife, apply taping compound over the patch, then tape. Photo: Irwin Construction (2016)

  • After applying topping compound, use a sponge to feather it out and blend it in with the rest of the wall. Photo: Irwin Construction (2016)

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How to Patch Drywall

GILROY – Whether caused by a swinging door or another accidental source, drywall is easily damaged. Luckily, it’s also fairly easy to repair. Using the following procedure, you can repair a damaged area of drywall in your home:

1. Cut out a square-shaped patch around the damaged area of drywall and remove it.

2. Cut a long, thin piece of plywood, place it behind the drywall and use a drill to screw it in at two points. This will serve as the backing for your new patch.

3. Cut out a piece from a drywall sheet that matches the size of the patch you removed. Using your drill, screw this piece into the plywood backing and fill in the gap in the drywall.

4. Use a joint knife to apply taping compound over the patched area.

5. Apply drywall tape to create a bond between the taping and topping compounds, which will reduce the chances for movement and cracking. After applying the tape, allow the taping compound to dry.

6. Apply your topping compound, which is like your drywall’s finish coat.

7. Blend the topping compound with the rest of the wall by feathering the edges. A good tool for doing this is a folded-up plastic bag with one side taped to form a handle. Remember, drywall mud is water-soluble, so if you’re not happy with the way it looks, you can wipe it off with a sponge and redo it.

Charles Irwin is a 26-year veteran of the construction industry and owner of Irwin Construction, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (408) 214-1500 or by email.

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