Dr. John Licking is 45-year veteran of the dental industry and owner of John R. Licking, DDS, a Diamond Certified practice since 2002. He can be reached at (408) 341-9958.


Video: Ozone Treatment for Oral Decay

With Dr. John Licking of John R. Licking, DDS, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SUNNYVALE − Host, Sarah Rutan: While most dentists treat oral decay by removing the affected teeth, an alternative approach can circumvent the need for extraction. Today we’re in Sunnyvale with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Dr. John Licking to learn more.

Treating Tooth Decay with Ozone Therapy

By Dr. John Licking of John R. Licking, DDS, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SUNNYVALE − Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that continues to be a prevalent oral health problem today. Typically, a dentist will treat tooth decay by amputating the affected area and replacing it with a filling or dental prosthetic. In…Read More

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Dr. John Licking: An Unforeseen Reward

  • Dr. John Licking is owner of John R. Licking, DDS.

Dr. John Licking: An Unforeseen Reward
“Over time, I came to realize that dentistry is really a people business, which is something I hadn’t thought of when I started.”

SUNNYVALE − Dr. John Licking was initially drawn to the dental profession by its elemental characteristics, but he eventually discovered an unforeseen reward. “In high school, my favorite subjects were art and science, which I took into account as I started to consider my future career,” he says. “One field that stuck out to me was dentistry, which seemed to entail aesthetics and creativity as much as it did science and technology. By the time I graduated high school, I had made up my mind to pursue a career in dentistry.”

As he progressed from dental school to professional practice, Dr. Licking says he discovered an aspect of the field that he hadn’t originally anticipated. “Over time, I came to realize that dentistry is really a people business, which is something I hadn’t thought of when I started.” Today, Dr. Licking says he continues to enjoy the interpersonal aspects of his livelihood. “Talking to and developing relationships with my patients is definitely one of my favorite aspects of what I do.”

Originally from Southern California, Dr. Licking today resides in Sunnyvale with his wife, Betty, where he enjoys the pleasant Bay Area atmosphere. “After volunteering as a military dentist during the Vietnam War, I returned to Los Angeles and decided there was just too much smog and traffic, so I moved up to the Bay Area,” he says. “My wife and I really appreciate the abundance of natural beauty here. With more than 100 different parks and open space districts within an hour radius, there’s a lot to take advantage of.”

Outside of work, Dr. Licking devotes the bulk of his time to charitable ventures. “I’m very involved in the Church of Christ in Sunnyvale, as well as Life Choices, a nonprofit drug rehab center in San Jose that I co-founded 12 years ago,” he says. John also enjoys spending time with his family, including his daughter, Carolyn, and son, Ben. “My son and his wife just had their first child a few months ago, so Betty and I are excited to be grandparents.”

In regard to his professional career, Dr. Licking says he takes a conservative approach to restoring his patients’ oral health. “My philosophy is that natural teeth are better than fake teeth. While most dentists deal with tooth decay by simply amputating the affected area and installing a filling, there are alternative methods that allow you to preserve more of the natural tooth. One up-and-coming method is the application of ozone gas, which reverses the effects of tooth decay, restores the natural tooth and minimizes the need for prosthetics.”

When asked what his future retirement might look like, Dr. Licking says he’ll continue to stay involved in the dental field while devoting more time to his current altruistic endeavors. “I love doing dentistry, so even if I eventually retire from full-time work, I’ll still keep doing it part-time. I’ll probably use the extra time to get more involved with my church and the rehab center.”

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