• Carpet has come a long way over the years in terms of performance and durability. Photo: Carpeteria (2016)

  • Today's carpets have highly soil- and stain-resistant yarn systems. Photo: Carpeteria (2016)

  • Modern carpet backings like Shaw's patented LifeGuard system provide superior moisture protection. Photo: Carpeteria (2016)

Sam Gulesserian is president of Carpeteria. To reach Sam Gulesserian call (510) 431-2589, (650) 469-3939.
Developments in Carpet Technology

SAN LEANDRO – Carpet technology has come a long way over the last six decades. From innovations in soil and stain resistance to improved backing and yarn systems, today’s carpets are stronger and more durable than ever.

One aspect of carpeting that has seen significant improvements over the years is yarn systems. Many manufacturers have developed yarn systems that are highly soil- and stain-resistant—far more so than those of the past. What’s more, yarn systems like Shaw’s Anso Nylon are fully recyclable, which allows consumers to minimize the environmental impact of their carpet purchases.

Another component of carpet that has improved over time is the backing. Today’s carpets are fortified with both a primary backing and a secondary backing to add extra protection against moisture. However, some manufacturers are taking things a step further. For example, to prevent moisture intrusion at the seams where individual pieces of backing are joined, Shaw developed its patented LifeGuard waterproof backing system, which features a membrane-like moisture barrier.

Thanks to these and other innovations in carpet technology, today’s homeowners stand to receive a greater long-term value from their carpets’ performance.

Sam Gulesserian is a 43-year veteran of the flooring industry and president of Carpeteria, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (510) 431-2589 or by email.

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