• When planning to build a composite deck, it’s important to purchase a high-quality product. Photo: Deckmaster Fine Decks (2017)

Weston Leavens is Owner of Deckmaster Fine Decks. To reach Weston Leavens call (707) 902-3955.
A Cutting-Edge Product for Non-Wood Decks

SEBASTOPOL − Many people love authentic wood decks, but not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance they require. That’s why, over the last two decades, we’ve seen a profusion of non-wood or “composite” decking materials hit the market, each of which has achieved varying degrees of quality and performance.

From the beginning, composite decking manufacturers have faced two main challenges. The first is achieving the appearance of authentic wood; after all, homeowners may not want the maintenance that comes with real wood, but they do want the aesthetics. The second challenge is preventing excessive heat buildup in warm weather, a common problem due to the sheer density of composite materials.

One of the most recent products to hit the market comes closer than ever to meeting these challenges: Zuri® Premium Decking by Royal®. Zuri decking features a simulated wood grain that mimics natural wood more accurately than any previous product. Additionally, Zuri decking resists heat gain when in direct sunlight—in fact, it’s so precisely engineered that it stays within a few degrees of the temperature that similarly colored natural woods would reach under comparable conditions.

Zuri decking’s performance highlights don’t end there. It’s also durable—five times tougher and more scratch-resistant than any composite product on the market. Furthermore, it provides superior resistance against color fading, so if you have to replace a deck board in five years, it will likely match up perfectly with the older ones.

Weston Leavens is a 25-year veteran of the decking industry and owner of Deckmaster Fine Decks, a Diamond Certified company since 2009. He can be reached at (707) 902-3955 or by email.

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