Curt Holman is a 20-year veteran of the carpet cleaning industry and owner of Precision Cleaning Services, a Diamond Certified company since 2011. He can be reached at (925) 318-1290 or by email.


Video: Determining Appropriate Cleaning Intervals

With Curt Holman of Precision Cleaning Services, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

DUBLIN – Host, Sarah Rutan: When it comes to maintaining the carpet, tile and upholstery in your home, you’ll need to determine appropriate intervals for professional cleaning. Today we’re in Dublin with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Curt Holman of Precision Cleaning Services to learn more.

Determining Carpet Cleaning Intervals

By Curt Holman of Precision Cleaning Services, a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

DUBLIN – As a professional carpet cleaner, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How often should I have my carpet cleaned?” While it would be easy to give a general answer, the reality is it depends on your…Read More

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Profile

Curt Holman: A Grounded Profession

  • Curt Holman is owner of Precision Cleaning Services.

Curt Holman: A Grounded Profession
“I was an aircraft mechanic in general aviation, but eventually I decided it wasn’t my calling.”

DUBLIN – After several years working in aviation, Curt Holman decided to switch to a more grounded profession. “I was an aircraft mechanic in general aviation, but eventually I decided it wasn’t my calling,” he explains. “I wanted to do something that would allow me to be mobile, interact with people and be more independent. I knew a professional carpet cleaner, and his vocation seemed to meet the criteria I was looking for, so I started working with him. After learning everything I could from him, I struck out on my own and started Precision Cleaning Services.”

Today, Curt says he enjoys the continual variety his job entails. “I like being out and about, meeting new people, and working in different homes. Of course, at the end of the day, I get the greatest satisfaction from making my customers happy with my work.”

A lifetime Bay Area resident, Curt lives in Dublin, which he considers a perfect place for someone in his line of work. “The people in this area are willing to invest in their homes and care about getting a good service provider. For those reasons, I get a lot of quality-conscious customers, which I really appreciate.”

Outside of work, Curt spends his free time on a variety of pastimes, from playing music to exploring nature. “I play guitar in the worship team at my church and enjoy backpacking and fishing, especially up in the Sierras,” he affirms. “I also like to relax at home with my cat and watch sports, whether it’s the Warriors, the A’s or the 49ers.”

In regard to his professional career, Curt espouses the importance of honest service. “I believe in giving my customers quality work for an honest price,” he says. “In the end, I just want my customers to be happy, with the hope that they’ll call me again in the future and possibly refer me to their friends and family.”

When asked the first thing he’d do if he were to retire tomorrow, Curt says he’d head for the hills. “I might move to a more rural location, maybe in the Sierra foothills. It’d be nice to be closer to the mountains and do more fishing and backpacking. I wouldn’t even mind if it got a little snow—it’d be nice to see the changing of the seasons.”

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