• When it comes to a home remodeling project, one critical aspect is staying compliant with building code standards. Photo: Best Construction (2016)

  • By lacking a thorough knowledge of building code requirements, it's easy for a do-it-yourselfer to miss important related details. Photo: Best Construction (2016)

  • To avoid costly mistakes, partner with your contractor or designer to ensure code compliance at every level. Photo: Best Construction (2016)

Sergiu Deac is president of Best Construction. To reach Sergiu Deac call (408) 622-0588.
Code Compliance in Construction

SAN JOSE – An important aspect of any building project is making sure things are done to code. The State of California has rigorous building code standards, both in regard to structural integrity and energy efficiency, so it requires careful diligence to stay in compliance with the law.

Due to the stringency of California’s building code, it’s easy for do-it-yourselfers to miss important details. For example, many homeowners do their own shopping for finish materials like faucets and light fixtures, but if they aren’t familiar with code requirements (especially those outlined in the California Green Building Standards Code), they may end up getting materials that aren’t code-compliant. This can result in an expensive mistake when the city inspector informs them that their new fixtures have to be replaced.

To avoid these kinds of issues, it’s important to partner with your contractor or designer to ensure code compliance at every level. By staying in line with building code requirements, you can ensure a smooth process and avoid costly mistakes.

Sergiu Deac is a 12-year veteran of the construction industry and president of Best Construction, a Diamond Certified company since 2015. He can be reached at (408) 622-0588 or by email.

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