• If you’re planning to change the locks on a commercial property, make sure you’re aware of local and federal code regulations. Photo: Foothill Locksmiths, Inc. (2016)

Blaine Lucas is president of Foothill Locksmiths, Inc.. To reach Blaine Lucas call (510) 621-7956.
Code Compliance with Commercial Locks

HAYWARD − When replacing or installing new locks in a commercial setting, a critical concern is keeping in compliance with local and federal standards. For example, lever locks are required in almost all commercial applications in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as well as general life safety and fire codes. Regular doorknobs are not compliant due to the fact that they can be hard to grip and turn, which can restrict people from moving in and out of the building.

However, simply having lever locks isn’t enough: they need to be of the proper specifications to satisfy safety code standards. For example, the lever returns need to be less than half an inch from the door to minimize risk of getting hung up on a lever while trying to exit during an emergency. By learning about local and federal code requirements ahead of time, you can avoid the expensive mistake of installing non-compliant door hardware.

Blaine Lucas is a 40-year veteran of the locksmith industry and owner of Foothill Locksmiths, Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2004. He can be reached at (510) 621-7956 or by email.

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