• If you’re looking for ways to promote the health of the trees on your property, consider the many benefits of mulch. Photo: Llamas Tree Service (2017)

  • Besides insulating the soil and keeping weeds down, mulch creates additional nutrients for trees as it decomposes. Photo: Llamas Tree Service (2017)

Alex Llamas is owner of Llamas Tree Service. To reach Alex Llamas call (707) 931-0935.
The Benefits of Mulch for Trees

ALAMO – An easy way to promote the health of the trees on your property is to apply mulch. Mulch offers several benefits:

• It insulates the soil, which minimizes sun and wind evaporation following irrigation.

• It keeps weeds down, so your tree has less competition for water and other resources.

• As mulch decomposes, the bacterial activity creates additional nutrients for the tree’s root system.

• It looks nice, which enhances the aesthetic value of your landscape.

However, to get all the benefits of mulch, you need to apply it correctly. Mulch should be applied in a 4- to 6-inch layer around the tree’s outer root area. Don’t put mulch up against the tree’s base, as the fungi and bacteria it creates can have a negative effect on the tree’s epidermis. Since mulch decomposes over time, it should be reapplied annually.

Alex Llamas is a veteran of the tree service industry and owner of Llamas Tree Service, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 931-0935 or by email.

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