• Besides exercise and nutrition, an important part of caring for a dog’s health is providing opportunities for socialization. Photo: Paradise Pet Resorts (2016)

  • Since dogs are pack animals by nature, interaction with other members of their species is an important part of life. Photo: Paradise Pet Resorts (2016)

  • In addition to socialization, a further benefit of dog daycare is the opportunity for physical exercise. Photo: Paradise Pet Resorts (2016)

Mike Campbell is owner of Paradise Pet Resorts. To reach Mike Campbell call (707) 563-9544, (707) 583-9308.
The Benefits of Dog Daycare

ROHNERT PARK – Many dog owners make a habit of leaving their dogs home alone while they’re at work during the day. However, there’s a better option that not only ensures your dog is supervised, but actually nurtures its physical and emotional health as well: dog daycare at a local pet kennel.

As dog owners, we like to think we give our dogs everything they need, but there’s one thing we aren’t able to provide: interaction with other dogs. Dogs are pack animals by nature, so socialization with other members of their species is an important part of life for them. By bringing your dog to daycare instead of leaving it at home during the day, you’ll give it a chance to play and interact with other dogs, which will cultivate emotional wellness.

Another significant benefit of dog daycare is physical exercise. Many dog owners assume their dogs naturally have a sedentary demeanor, but this is only because they aren’t given opportunities to be physically active. That’s why new dog daycare clients are often surprised to see a side of their dog they didn’t know existed: one full of vim and vigor.

Remember, it’s our responsibility as pet owners to make sure our dogs are happy. So, instead of leaving your dog at home to lie around all day until you return, consider enrolling it in dog daycare—you might be surprised by the results.

Mike Campbell is a nine-year veteran of the pet boarding industry and owner of Paradise Pet Resorts, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (707) 563-9544 or by email.

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