• When selecting new hardwood flooring for your home, a crucial aspect to consider is its surface texture. Photo: Kapriz Hardwood Floors (2017)

  • While smooth-finish flooring looks perfect when first installed, any scratches that occur will be very conspicuous. Photo: Kapriz Hardwood Floors (2017)

  • In contrast, when a scratch occurs on distressed hardwood flooring, it tends to blend in rather than stand out. Photo: Kapriz Hardwood Floors (2017)

Sergey Stotskiy is owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors. To reach Sergey Stotskiy call (408) 622-0537.
Benefit of Distressed Wood Flooring

SANTA CLARA – When selecting new hardwood flooring, one attribute you’ll need to consider is the texture of its surface. For example, you can choose flooring with a perfectly smooth finish, or you can go with a distressed or hand-scraped look. However, you may not realize the impact a floor’s surface texture can have on its long-term aesthetics.

While a smooth-finish floor will look immaculate when first installed, it’s not likely to stay that way. When a smooth-finish floor gets scratched, the marks tend to be obvious and visible from all angles. In contrast, since scratches and similar markings are defining characteristics of distressed flooring, these will typically blend in rather than stand out. For this reason, distressed and hand-scraped flooring often performs better in the long term than flooring with a smooth finish.

Sergey Stotskiy is a 15-year veteran of the flooring industry and owner of Kapriz Hardwood Floors, a Diamond Certified company. He can be reached at (408) 622-0537 or by email.

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