Amanda Lafferty is a design associate at National Blinds & Flooring Inc., a Diamond Certified company since 2013. She can be reached at (415) 690-7945 or by email.


Video: Considerations for Choosing Draperies

With Amanda Lafferty of National Blinds & Flooring Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SAN FRANCISCO − Host, Sarah Rutan: When picking out new window draperies, you’ll want to consider more than just their color. Today we’re in San Francisco with Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Amanda Lafferty of National Blinds & Flooring Inc. to learn more.

Considerations for Choosing Draperies

By Amanda Lafferty of National Blinds & Flooring Inc., a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor

SAN FRANCISCO − One of the best ways to enhance the aesthetics of your home is with custom draperies. However, in order to make the right selection, you’ll need to consider a lot more than just the color of the fabric. One…Read More

Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Profile

Amanda Lafferty: Born to Design

  • Amanda Lafferty is a design associate at National Blinds & Flooring Inc.

Amanda Lafferty: Born to Design
“I’ve always been interested in creating beautiful spaces.”

SAN FRANCISCO − For Amanda Lafferty, a career in interior design was a natural progression of her inherited flair for home decorating. “I’ve always been interested in creating beautiful spaces,” she says. “I think I got it from my mom, who is really design-oriented. I would see her rearranging and redecorating our house from an early age, so I guess I caught the bug.”

After she graduated high school, Amanda followed her passion for home décor in college, earning her B.S. in interior design at San Francisco State University. It was during this time that she made a connection which quickly led to an occupational opportunity. “I contacted National Blinds looking for information for a school project,” she remembers. “I came in and spoke with Israel, the owner, and we just clicked. As it happened, he was looking to hire someone in his showroom. In the end, I not only got a good grade on my project, I got a job, too!”

Today, as a design associate at National Blinds & Flooring Inc., Amanda says her favorite part of her job is improving the beauty and functionality of her customers’ homes. “Before working here, I never realized that window coverings could make such a big difference in the aesthetics of a space. Now that I understand it, I enjoy passing on that knowledge to our customers. It’s a very rewarding job.”

A resident of San Mateo, Amanda expresses her appreciation for the diversity of Bay Area life. “There’s no shortage of events and activities here, which makes it a really fun place to live,” she says. “I also think it’s neat living in an area that’s world-renowned for iconic features like the Golden Gate Bridge—it makes me feel pretty fortunate to have grown up around here.”

Outside of work, Amanda engages in a variety of activities, from walking her dog, Oliver, to keeping up with the latest design and fashion trends. “I enjoy staying up-to-date with the design industry, so I spend a lot of time reading blogs and magazines,” she says. “I also like taking advantage of everything the Bay Area has to offer, from exploring around San Francisco to going wine tasting in the Napa Valley.”

In her life and career, Amanda espouses the importance of pursuing passions. “I think it’s important to love what you do,” she explains. “Personally, I’ve always known that I wanted to do something in the interior design field, so I’m thrilled to be doing what I’m doing. When you’re passionate about your career, it’s hard not to enjoy it—plus, I think you’re more likely to be successful.”

Ask me anything!
Q: Reality TV or documentaries?

A: I enjoy both, so it depends on my mood.

Q: What’s your favorite season?

A: Fall—I like the nice weather and leaves changing color.

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: Clothes.

Q: What’s one website you visit on a daily basis?

A: Pinterest.

Q: Who makes you laugh?

A: John Mulaney and Aziz Ansari.

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